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Mallory. 24 year old Scorpio. Cali born & raised. Single lady in love with love. Stoner hippie chick. Disnerd. Whovian. Raver. Harry Potter freak. Anons welcome. Insomniac so hit me up any time. I <3 questions :]


What the fuck is the point of life I don’t want to fucking be here anymore

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Hot sandwich with pesto, tomato and mozzarella →


Hot sandwich with pesto, tomato and mozzarella

I want to call this sandwich a super sandwich. It’s hot, delicious and contains a melting cheese. I made it three times this week and it’s only Wednesday and I want more. Tomasz wants more as well. Total luck of control. Big thanks to Allyson for posting this recipe. We loooooove it. And if…


fanfiction should be taken a lot more seriously as literature. True, some of it isn’t really excellent writing and some is just smut but let me tell you i have read some fics that are beautifully well done and turned my life upside down and legitimately gave me feelings for days and if that’s not real literature then what is

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i am the almost empty shampoo bottle in the shower of life

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